Christine Gilbert Designs. Boiled wool Jackets

Sample Sale


 We only do a sample sale every few years . If you want to order from here please send an email through the contact page we will send an invoice with details of how to pay.

When choosing garments the measurements shown are actual finished garment measurements for a good fit make sure the measurements are 2-3 inches large than your body measurements 

Short Boiled wool jackets

 Short Pintuck Asymmetric design 

Four samples left 

Vegas pink medium

Linen large. Sold 

Vole  large

Seal medium 

Finished garment measurements 

          M.    L.   

Bust   41.  43

Hip.   41.   43

Price was £170

Now £80

Longer line Boiled wool jackets 

 Shawl Tweed Collar 

Last three colours left .

Rhapsody blue XL 

Landscape green L

Tiger L 

Measurements (finished garment)

           L.        XL

Bust    43.       45

Waist. 41.       43

Hip     46.       48

Length.     29

Was £198 

Now. £100

Longer unfitted Boiled Wool jacket 

 Casual Patchwork 

Navy brights 

Bust 49

Hip 48

Length 28.5

Price was £195

Now £95

Smart Short Boiled wool jackets 

 Short Tweed Belt 

Two samples left

Tahiti blue xl. Sold 

Vole Xl

Bust 44

Waist 42

Hip 48

Length 22.5

Price was £170

Now £80

Great length for indoors or out 

 Spot the Triangle 

Two samples left 

Mint green M

Charcoal XS

         XS.     M

Bust  36.     40

Waist 33.    37

Hip.  39.     43

Length 24.5

Price was £185 

Now £85

Boiled Wool Jackets

 3/4 Pintuck

5 samples left 

Linen XL  Cobble XL

 Racing green M

Rhapsody L.   harvest gold XS

            XS.   M.   L    XL

Bust.    39.    43.  45.  47

Hip       41.   45.  47   49      

Length. 28

3/4 Boiled Wool Jacket

Smart fitted jacket with good sized pockets

Double collar Boiled wool jacket

Fitted jacket only 3 left

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