3/4 Boiled Wool Jackets

Stripe Duffle

 Casual Tweed  Boiled Wool Jacket 

 The Casual Tweed jacket has a really good hang to a loose casual fit jacket. 29" long 

£194 inclusive of postage 

 Tweed compliments the Boiled wool really well . Although we can do it in all colours shown here from left to right are:- 

Ember, magma, beaver, rosemary ,chameleon, rhapsody, Clifford and grey mix. 

 3/4  Boiled Wool Jacket 

 The 3/4 jackets is fitted. It is 29" long 

£195 inclusive of postage .

 You can choose from any of the Boiled Wool colours but here we have from left to right :

Grey mix, poppy , vegas, clematis, regalia, Tahiti, landscape, vole and cobble, 

Created by Christine Gilbert. Copyright 2019